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Kratom Which is Said to Have Marijuana-like Effects is now Designated as an Herbal Plant

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Agriculture issued Ministry of Agriculture Regulation (Permentan) Number 104 of 2020 which stipulates that kratom is included in medicinal plant or herbal commodities.

This decision was welcomed by kratom entrepreneurs because it could become a legal umbrella for their business.
Because previously there were books that were included in class narcotics, after it emerged that the plant had the same side effects as marijuana.

Kratom entrepreneur, Harry Tri Yoga said the decision made by the government was a step forward.

Kratom or Daun Puri – The Ministry of Agriculture defines kratom as an herbal plant. Kratom was once said to have an effect like marijuana so that it would be included in the narcotics category.

He assessed that kratom for students can be cultivated and developed into herbal plants that have many benefits.

“With the agriculture department issuing kratom as a medicinal plant this is one step forward.”
“It appears in the tent, this kratom can be cultivated, it can be developed,”

Said Harry in a video uploaded to the YouTube channel Kompastv, Saturday (29/8/2020).

Tensions, kratom entrepreneurs hope that good communication will continue to be established with agencies at the central level.

Such as the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), to enlighten them.

Meanwhile, the Governor of West Kalimantan, Sutarmidji also welcomed the decision.

Services in government areas, cartom or puri are mostly grown in protected forest areas.
As for the entry of kratom as an herbal plant, it can be assured that this plant does not contain harmful substances.
So that it can be processed into an inexpensive alternative medicine for pain relief and improving fitness.

“Kratom is made in the form of capsules and so on. Community management can have an alternative medicine that is inexpensive but can relieve pain, can improve fitness,”

Governor of West Kalimantan, Sutarmidji
Said Sutarmidji, still reporting the same source: tribunnews

Sutarmidji added, kratom does not have hallucinatory effects like marijuana, and is safe for consumption

“People who consume it (kratom) do not have hallucinations, but if there is marijuana. Marijuana is also included in the drug list, but there are hallucinations, it cannot be arbitrary. Kratom is not,” he added.

To note, kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) was traditionally used as a medicinal plant in Kalimantan and other mainland Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.


A scientific study reveals that kratom has become a plant consumed by the people of southern Thailand and northern Malaysia.
Kratom doesn’t believe it can help reduce pain, relax, prevent, and help opium addicts to quit.

Its benefits have been heard around the world until it is very popular in the United States.

Kratom is still in the same family as coffee (Rubiaceae). This tropical plant can grow 4 to 16 meters long.
Kratom farmers usually take advantage of its leaves that have a width larger than an adult’s palm.
When dry, kratom shrinks to a tenth of its size, which then turns into crumbs to resemble dry green tea leaves.

Kratom is still in the same family as coffee (Rubiaceae). This tropical plant can grow up to 4 to 16 meters tall.
Kratom farmers usually take advantage of the leaves that are wider than the palms of adults.
Once dry, the kratom shrinks to a tenth of its size, which is then shaped into crumbs resembling dried green tea leaves.

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